The Balochistan National Party-Mengal has promised the allocation of 40 per cent of development funds for education, halting military operation and recovery of missing persons if the party is voted to power.

BNP-M senior vice president Dr Jahanzeb Jamaldini flanked by Sajjid Tareen Advocate, Saeed Ahmed Kurd and other leaders presented party’s election manifesto at the Press Club here Friday.

He said the BNP-M would establish peaceful relations with the neighbouring countries adding that a strict non-interference policy would be maintained. He was of the view that relations of mutual trade would be established with other countries. He said the resources of Balochistan would also be brought in use for the development and prosperity of the province.

He said the exploitative economic and administrative policies and military operations in Balochistan would come to end for social and economic justice.

The BNP-M leader said that strained relations between Balochistan and federation of Pakistan could only be ended through rooting out the neo-colonist behaviour of the Centre. He said they would end all military operations and use all the in-hand resources for the recovery of the missing persons.

 He said that death squads would be abolished and peaceful atmosphere provided to the masses. He said that efforts would be made for the release of all the detained persons.

He went on to say that targeted killings would be ended and ‘kill and dump’ policy, which he regarded an extreme anti-human act, would remain no longer. He said that all the displaced persons would be rehabilitated and provided chances for honourable earning. He said that efforts would be made to end occupation on thousands of acres of land being used for military use.

He said the people of Balochistan would be given complete control on natural resources including Sui, Chamalang, Saindak, Dodhar and Dar Aap. “The authority of people of Balochistan would be recognised on the coastal resources and the fishing industry would be renovated on modern lines. Fishing with big trawlers would be banned,” Jamaldini said adding that the right of people of Balochistan would be strengthened on all the communication lines passing through Balochistan.

He said rights of all citizens would be protected and rule of law established through strengthening democratic and political process. He said that up to 90 percent local people would be provided jobs in the industries established for the economic uplift of the province, adding that cottage industries would be promoted and live-stock modernised on the modern principles. He said that economic support would be provided for small industries such as handicrafts. He said entire Balochistan would be provided gas and electricity facilities. He said assistance of foreign countries would be sought to meet energy deficit.

Giving his plan on education sector, he said five more universities and modern research centres would be established in the province He said that technical education would be promoted to produce skilled manpower. He said that two more medical colleges would also be established in Balochistan.

On health, he said a 200-bed hospital would be established in each district, adding that special child and maternity centres would be established on modern lines along with 24-hour ambulance services.