The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has worked out a comprehensive strategy for enhancement of revenue generated from municipal services to upgrade the civic facilities in an effective and better manner.

CDA Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz said this during a press briefing here at the CDA Headquarters on Friday. On this occasion Member Administration, Munir Ahmad Chaudhry was also present.

He said that in the light of his directions, Member Administration, Munir Ahmad Chaudhry, was assigned the task of improvement in municipal services, restructuring the advertisement policy and enhancement in revenues, adding that Member Administration has compiled a detailed report. CDA would generate millions of rupees on account of revenue by implementing the new policy, said the Chairman CDA.  

Munir Chaudhry informed the media that CDA is conducting a survey about the billboards around the federal capital. He said that these billboards would be marked with numbers to achieve factual information. He informed that these billboards would be allotted for advertisements through open auction in a transparent manner instead of assigning the job of allotting the billboards to an officer of the authority individually.

He said that CDA has to recover Rs.120 million on account of advertisement charges, adding that notices to defaulters have been issued for recovery. He said that presently CDA is generating Rs.60 million from advertisements and after implementation of new reforms the authority can maximize its annual income of Rs 300 million. He further said that the assignment of sanitation in Fruit and Vegetable Market in Sector I-11 would be awarded to CDA's Sanitation workers instead of contractor, enabling the authority to save Rs 30 million.

He said that shopkeepers would hang their business boards on their respective shops as per standard size, which would not only enhance the income for CDA but would also restore the beauty of market. CDA has started the practice from Kohisar Market. He said that the stallholders in the weekly bazaar would run their business as per license issued by CDA.

He said that CDA is being carried out operations against the encroachments in the markets, adding that the concerned formation of the authority has confiscated 40 truck goods from the encroachers.

The CDA Chairman said that the civic authority has carried out beautification and up-gradation work in the federal capital in its available resources. The decoration of underpasses through Art Work has been initiated. He said that we are trying to assign the artwork at the underpasses through joint venture to minimize expenses.