ISLAMABAD (PR): Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) organised an Advocacy Seminar on consumer protection, titled “Energy Sector Regulation and Consumer in Pakistan” in collaboration with The Network for Consumer Protection Pakistan with the aim to get consensus from the concerned stakeholder.

Zafar Bakhtawari, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, appreciated the initiative of The Network for Consumer Protection for organizing seminar on Consumer Protection Laws and Energy Sector Regulations in Pakistan to create better awareness about these laws in ICCI members. He shared personal success story of his business and said that consumer satisfaction is the top priority of every business.

 He also stressed to develop a culture, where consumers’ rights are fully protected rather than only making laws for their protection.

Bakhtawari said that ICCI would regularly organize press conferences in upcoming Ramadan to put proper check on accelerated prices of necessary items so that consumers could get these items on affordable prices.

He assured that Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry would provide full support to The Network for Consumer Protection for creating better awareness in business community as well as in consumers for consumer protection laws because we believe that increased awareness of these laws would promote healthy business practices and enable consumers to get quality products and services.

ICCI President said that government should take businessmen on board while formulating consumer protection policies and laws so that such laws could be developed with consensus. It will also help in ensuring better compliance of these laws. ICCI should also be given representation in law making bodies for consumer protection.

Speaking on the occasion, The Network Executive Coordinator Nadeem Iqbal highlighted the activities of the The Network for Consumer Protection Pakistan. He said that The Network is working on consumer protection and promote the awareness and enhance the livelihoods for consumers in Pakistan. The organization depends on the ongoing support and collaboration of different partners and national and international organizations to meet its core objectives to protect the consumers.

He said that The Network representatives focused their vigor for consumer protection in various areas such as water, breastfeeding, pharmaceutical, tobacco control and consumer rights, access to justice, gender violence and women empowerment, public health under WTO.