BATTAGRAM/MANSEHRA - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that those who ruined the country cannot fix it.

Addressing a public gathering at Battagram on Friday, he said system of justice, not roads, builds nations. He called on the people of Battagram not to cast their vote for same old parties and be part of change. He said if voted to power‚ his party will hold Local Bodies elections within 90 days and will transfer the powers to grass root level.

Imran said PTI will introduce a uniformed education system and will rid the masses of patwari system.

He said PTI will introduce a system where funds will not be given to MNAs or MPAs‚ rather public representatives at local level will receive the funds.

Imran Khan says PTI will introduce a uniformed education policy and will rid the masses of Patwari system.

He said his party will transform the country into an Islamic Welfare State and the system will be erected on true justice. He said poor will be provided with free and easy access to justice‚ education and health facilities.

He pledged the corrupt patwari system will be abolished and people will get rid of double standards in education.

Addressing thousands of supporters in Mansehra, Imran Khan said that he could see the beginning of Pakistan’s golden era after May 11 general elections.

Imran Khan said that PTI would bring about a real change in the country and urged the people of Pakistan to be ready for change.

He said that 50,000 mw of electricity could be generated through building small dams on water streams.

The world, he said, would respect the green passport and that foreigners would come to Pakistan to find jobs.

Khan said that PTI would contest against Noon by junoon.

Imran Khan said that after coming to power his party would bring “big plunderers” to book.

He said poor people were sent to jails for committing minor thefts but big plunderers held important posts and became members of National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies.

He said the PML-N had brought all top turncoats and corrupt politicians into its fold, including those involved in the ephedrine quota scandal.

He said the PTI government would not bow before the US and live with dignity, adding it would utilise all indigenous resources and make Pakistan a prosperous country.