The Lahore High Court on Friday ruled that the Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) is not working as an independent distribution company and has become subservient to federal government as it never complained to high-up about less supply of electricity despite having the largest recovery of revenue in the country.

The court made these observations after the Lesco Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Salim admitted that he never asked the federal government about less supply though his Disco was getting only 1517 MW against demand of 3626 MW of electricity.

The Lesco chief also conceded that electricity theft increases during summer due to high use of air conditioners. However, he said, the Lesco has no mechanism to detect the number of ACs and new addition to it.  The court said the power supply rules and regulation should be modified to empower Discos to check misuse and theft of electricity.

The CEO also said heavy waste of electricity occurred in peak hours (8pm to 10 pm) in commercial areas and Lesco closes relevant feeders but these feeders are rescheduled with connivance of delinquent in the department. The court also asked him to submit a report about action taken against such delinquent. The court directed the Lesco to devise a plan to apprise consumers about energy conservation measures and alternate available energy resources.

“Lesco is the largest revenue collecting disco but getting a less share from national grid but its chief never complained about it. It is essential that revenue should be the main criteria of fix supply and loadshedding,” the court added. 

During the hearing, petitioner’s counsel Azhar Siddique pointed out that no loadshedding was being carried out in a private housing society. Lesco chief after showing hesitation admitted that grid station of society belonged to Lesco but it had no control over it.

He said on the directions of high ups a transmission line of 132 KV is being supplied to society directly from the national grid and Lesco could not shut it down.

At this, the CJ asked him to produce the copy of order under which said housing society was exempted from loadshedding.

CJ remarked that he was also an effective person of loadshedding like any other citizen and this menace should be over as soon as possible. The court will resume hearing on May 13.


The Lahore High Court on Monday sought reply the about arrangements made at Wahga boarder for import of carbon dioxide from India.

The court also called details of those who were given so far one time permission of import of carbon dioxide. The court-sought reports till May 9 with remarks that life of people were at stake and the matter would be resolved at the earliest. The LHC issued the direction while hearing a petition moved on behalf of

m/s Colony Sugar Mills. Petitioner counsel Shahid Ikram Siddique submitted that the petitioner was producing the gas and had one of the most advanced top of the line production facility in the country.