KARACHI - The MQM may face difficulty in clinching the NA-256 (Karachi-XVIII) as terrorist attacks have barred the party from campaigning freely in the City.

Around 16 candidates belonging to various political, politico-religious parties, including MQM, PML-N, PPP, PTI, ANP, JUI-F and independent candidates are contesting from the constituency.

NA-256 Karachi-XVIII is one of the heavily-populated constituencies of the city that includes areas of Shah Faisal Colony and some parts of Malir.

The constituency has around 434,073 registered voters, including 487,444 male and 428,849 female voters. The constituency is very sensitive as it is being expected that clashes may occur during elections.

RESULTS OF THE LAST ELECTION 2008: According to the results of 2008 general elections, Iqbal Ali Khan of the MQM secured 123,491 votes defeating his rivals while Mirza Maqbool Ahmed of the PPPP got 23,829 votes stood runner up. Conversely, Zainul Abideen Ansari of the PMLN obtained 15,654 votes, Muhammad Siddique Rathor of MMA 442, Brig (r) Umair Ahmed Siddiqui (Independent) 245, Shahzia Batul of ANP 160 and Iftikhar Anwer Khan (Independent) 47.

NAMES OF CANDIDATES FOR ELECTIONS 2013: In NA-256, MQM’s former winner Iqbal Ali Khan has been once again fielded by his party with Kite as electoral symbol. The names of other candidates include: Osama Razi (Bed), Rana Safdar Ali Khan (Generator), Rana Muhammad Ehsan (Bucket), Rizwan Ali Table (Lamp), Manzoor Abbas (Arrow), Syed Mergoob Hussain Abdi (Eagle), Owais Noorani (Key), Faisal Ahmed Hashmi (Audio Cassette), Muhammad Arshad Taqi (Missile), Muhammad Khalid Khan (Baby Cot), Zubari Khan (Bat), Salman Ansari (Ship), Younus Barai (Basket), Younus Khan (Lantern), Mushtaq Ali (Candle).


Political pundits are of the view that six bomb blasts, occurred in the City during the election campaigns of MQM, ANP and PPP, have created soft corner among the citizens for the liberal parties. They think that a large segment of the City was in favour of liberal parties despite the fact that the hidden forces had already decided that the new government would be of the rightists.

SEATS OF PROVINCIAL ASSEMBLY:  For the provincial assembly seat, there is PS-120, PS-121 and PS-119. The constituency of PS-121 is bifurcated between two National Assembly seats — NA-256 and NA-257 in Shah Faisal Town, Malir and Khokhrapar. The candidates pertaining to various national parties, including MQM, PML-N, PPP, PTI, ANP, JUI-F, MWM and many others, are contesting for the said provincial seats.

PS-119 CANDIDATES: Irtaza Khalil Farooqi (Kite), Hazrat Ali (Lantern), Dr Ameer Nawaz Khan Ali Zia (Bicycle), Rashid Manan Azmi (Scale), Rizwan Ahmed Khan (Tooth Brush), Saima Haider (Candle), Zaheer Hassan Jaffari (Eagle), Arif Zaman (Balloons), Abdul Haq (Arrow), Aziz Ur Rehman (Rose), Attaullah Khan (Bat), Ali Akbar Gujar (Tiger), Fayyaz Ahmed (Horse), Muhammad Arshad Taqi (Missile), Muhammad Hussain Jafri (Tent), Muhammad Abdul Haq (Guitar), Muhammad Abdul Wasay (Bed), Muhammad Nadeem Mushtaq (Audio Cassette), Muhammad Younus (Bucket), Moin ur Rasheed (Bottle), Malik Matloob Ali Awan (Table Lamp),

PS-120 CANDIDATES: Badshah Khan (Lantern), Khurram Saleem (Basket), Zulfiqar Ali (Scale), Syed Arsalan Bukhari (Baby Cot), Syed Shoukat Ali Shah Mashwani (Ladder), Shahab Uddin Khan (Candle), Soaib Khan (Bottle), Abid Jilani (Bat), Asmat Anwar (Arrow), Abdullah Solangi (Audio Cassette), Mehboob ur Rehman Qadri (Table Lamp), Muhammad Arshad Taqi (Missile), Muhammad Abdul Wasay (Balloons), Muhammad Farooq (Bucket), Muhammad Yasir Ali Bloch (Still Camera), Nishat Muhammad Zia (Kite), Nadeem Malik (Rose).

PS-121 CANDIDATES: Altaf Hussain Patni (Crocodile), Inam Ali (Basket), Taufeeq Uddin Siddiqui (Baby Cot), Sanaullah Qureshi (Candle), Javaid Akhter (Bed), Hakeem Saadat Ibrahim Siddiqui (Cow), Robina Yasmeen (Eagle), Syed Azhar (Bat), Syed Khawar Abbas Ali Shah (Arrow), Syed Nadeem Razi (Kite), Shahid Bhai (Ship), Shahabuddin (tooth Brush), Farzand Ali Jokhio (Bucket), Muhammad Noman (Bottle), Muhammad Tariq Rana (Pitcher), Muhammad Kashif (Table Lamp), Mirza Ghaffar Baig (Comb), Mufti Muhammad (Key), Nishat Rasool Khan (Balloons).

PS RESULTS OF ELECTION 2008: In the last election 2008, Dr Nadeem Maqbool (Kite) of MQM had marked a victory over his rivals with 41264 votes, Syed Ahmer Ali alias Amir Shah (Arrow) of PPP was runner up with 9607 votes. Ali Akber of PML-N got 13925 votes.

Similarly, in PS-120 Karachi, Nishat Qadri of MQM marked victory with 71140 votes, while Ahmed Waseem Alvi of PPP was runner up with 9379 votes and Arshad Khan Jadoon of PML-N got 3975 votes.

Likewise, Waseem Ahmad of MQM made great victory with 73,680 votes in PS-121 and Zahid Awan of PPP was the second best with 4,963 votes.