Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) Friday announced an ambitious activity plan under which back-to-back boxing tournaments will be organised besides ensuring the participation of national teams in international tournaments.

“Our prime aim is to establish Pakistan's name in international boxing and the task assigned to us is challenging but we will take every measure to promote the game with a renewed zeal,” said PBF secretary Iqbal Hussain while addressing a press conference here on Friday.

Punjab Olympic Association (PbOA) secretary Idrees Haider Khawaja and office bearers of Punjab Boxing Association were also present there. Iqbal said the activity programme would begin with the holding of a national ranking tournament later this month in Hyderabad followed by the national championship in June in Lahore. "Our team will take part in an international boxing tournament in Jordan in July then it will feature in China Open in China in July. Our team's next international assignment will be participation in an international tournament in Chinese Taipei in September.”

The PBF secretary said Pakistan team would also feature in World Championship to be held in October in Kazakhstan. “We will be picking up 25 outstanding boxers from the national championship and they will undergo camp training for the selection of national team to take part in international tournaments,” he added.

Iqbal Hussain said some quarters led by former secretary of PBF Akram Khan have launched a negative campaign against the present regime of the PBF to disrupt the smooth working of the national boxing federation and to harm the interest of boxing in Pakistan. “Recently, a parallel Punjab Boxing Association has also been formed and we strongly condemn the formation of a bogus body and will initiate disciplinary action against those who are involved in this negative act,” he said.

He said the elections of the PBF were held last year in December and International Boxing Federation (IBF) had accepted the results of elections which had shattered the hopes of vested interest working against the present regime of the PBF.

The PBF secretary urged the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) to frame laws to deal individual involved in the formation of parallel bodies with an iron hand to safeguard the interest of sports and the Olympic movement in Pakistan.

“The PBF will ensure every measure for the revival of the boxing in the country by launching talent hunt programme at junior level besides holding special coaching clinics in those cities which are full of boxing talent,” he added.

He said the PBF was in process of hiring the services of a coach from Russia and discussions are underway with the concerned authorities in this regard. “Russian boxers are known due to their agility and process and in today’s modern boxing agility and aggression are the main factors for success in boxing and that is why the PBF has decided to hire a Russian coach to groom its talent on modern pattern of the game,” he said.

He disclosed that the IBF had made it clear that any boxing team from Pakistan taking part in any international boxing event must get approval letter from the national boxing federation. “This measure has been taken to discourage the illegal participation of teams posing themselves the national teams of Pakistan,” Iqbal concluded.