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Delegation of European journalists while visiting Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry apprised that prevailing state of affairs demands immediate economic reforms which are crucial for sustainable economic growth, industrialisation and uplift the economy.

Journalists asked several questions inviting the comments of President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry about expectations of the business and industrial community with the newly elected government, challenges and problems confronted to the economy.

KCCI’s President Muhammad Haroon Agar while exchanging views said that the newly elected government in its first 100 days must bring structural economic reforms both on federal, provincial and local government levels.

The economy was bleeding due to various challenges and manifold internal and external problems vis-à-vis law and order situation, energy and gas crises, negative perception of Pakistan in the eyes of countries around the globe. He voiced that Pakistan is resilient nation of prudent people and vast natural resources which can uplift the economy to new horizons of prosperity.

He said newly elected government should accord top priority to economy, safety and security to citizens, energy and education. He conversed that the business and industrial community as the real stakeholders communicates with the Government whosoever is in power. If needed communication is also made with all the political stakeholders who have some mandate in the city of Karachi for the economy and remove hurdle in the Business & Industrial activities especially law and order situation.

The delegation of European journalists representing print and electronic media headed by Christian Zarm President of Deutscher Presse Verband (DPV), accompanied by Robin Ruehling, Ingo Hasewend, Christian Zarm, Arne Perras, Suddeutsche, Karl Heinz Roghofer and Shams ul Haq.