BOSTON: A sports reporter’s amazing self-portrait shows shows her getting almost hit in the head by a baseball. Kelly Nash, 28, who works for Fox Sports, took what she says was the “most dangerous selfie ever” while on assignment at Boston’s Fenway Park baseball stadium. It was only after she looked back at her photo later that she noticed her near miss. She said: “My whole family is from Massachusetts and I wanted to send them a picture of me with Fenway Park in the background. Right after I took a few photos of myself, I went to attach one to a text message to my parents. The last photo I took had the baseball in it, so close to my head! I thought, “you have got to be kidding me”. “I did not see, feel, or hear the ball... My producer had told me a few other times “Heads up!” when a ball was heading my way, while I was snapping photos around the ballpark, but he did not see that ball either. It’s just a surreal, a bit magical, and a little overwhelming moment in my life in sports.”–GN