LALAMUSA - Former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif blasted 18-hour loadshedding and said that why Tehrik-i-Insaaf is mum over this injustice to the Punjab.

Addressing a public rally here on Friday, Shahbaz said that Imran should join public’s protest against power outages and change his party’s name.

Criticising PPP, he said despite the presence of a number of ministers from Gujrat in the previous government, the tubewells of the city were still not functioning.

Staff Reporter from Sargodha adds: former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif on Friday took a scathing swipe at the previous PPP government, saying that the former rulers pushed the country into the quagmire of crises. The worst power and gas loadshedding, unemployment and lawlessness stand testimony to the ineptitude and inefficiency of the corrupt rulers who have snatched even small delights from the masses.

The former chief minister was addressing PML-N office-bearers and party candidates here at Bhaghtanwala on Friday. Shahbaz Sharif declared that both Imran Khan and the PPP were same name of a single party as the former was working for the latter’s interests so the PPP had no need to run its election campaign in the presence of “big Khan.”

He claimed that the trio - Imran Khan, PPP leadership and PML-Q’s Pervaiz Elahi were using the same language in their speeches because these speeches were being drafted by the writer, adding that they cold no more hoodwink the masses and they (people) would reject their nexus on May 11. He pointed out that Cycle, Arrow and Bat’ had teamed up for one purpose “what he called” to stop the people’s rule.  He said that people would soon expose the fact of hollow slogans for youth which were being chanted by Imran Khan. He asserted that the PML-N would bring prosperity and progress in the country with the support and assistance of the masses.

Shahbaz Sharif promised that the PML-N after winning elections would execute a plan for granting interest-free loan to the youth to enable them change the fate of the country. The PML-N bigwig declared to weed out all evils from the country and rid the nation of loadshedding. He claimed that the masses, through huge participation in public meetings, had given their opinion in favour of PML-N before May 11.