This is with reference to the recent announcement on power shortage in the country. In a report, the former Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Chief has clearly told about the ignorance of the Government over electricity issues. Water discharge from two major dams has reduced because of irrigation requirements. 12 to 18 hours of load shedding is happening in the country and is expected to get worse. A Former PEPCO chief has said that the Government was not interested in sorting electricity issues before summer, knowing it would be a tough summer. Over the past 12 months, the Government has been focusing only on attracting investments. The Government has not done any work on the most important issue, knowing that these would become vital as summer approaches.

I guess the Government is only pretending that they are taking these major issues seriously while they plan their own personal agendas. Nawaz Sharif does not seem to be interested in fulfilling the promises he made during his election campaigns, but then I believe Pakistanis have become used to such political leadership or they would not have voted for him! Those cries of a ‘new Pakistan’ have been lost in the cries of the masses from inflation. Conditions in Karachi are still frightening; Lahore is still suffering from electricity shortage. What is the Government up to? Are they just busy promoting the Sharif personal business plans as well as having a good time enjoying foreign tours, how come both the PM and CM travel together to London? This amazes me as it is against all protocol but who will question them?


Lahore, April 26.