LAHORE- Former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Ms Asma Jehangir has supported independent and free media and said they are opposed to ban on any TV channel or newspaper.
Speaking at a function today, Asma Jehangir said there should be no distinction between uniformed and non-uniformed people in the country. She said they praise those Jawans of the armed forces who gave sacrifices of their lives for the motherland but cannot salute those who abrogate the constitution.
Asma Jehangir spoke of the double standards of the politicians saying that while in opposition they spoke of constitution and law but once in power their acts and deeds became undemocratic. She said the present rulers would have to make their actions democratic so as to ensure a bright democratic future for the country.
Referring to the central role of Lahore in affairs of the country, the former SCBA president said every good or bad movement starts from this city pointing out that people from the capital of Punjab support democracy and it is also the place from where people also stand along the dictators.
She said no institution should bring people on roads in its support as this would start a race of “this is mine and this not mine.” She cautioned that such an attitude would not be in the interest of the country. She said they are fighting their war of truth and rights through legal arguments and this would go on.