Labour Day is a public holiday in Pakistan and it is marked by rallies, marches, processions, worker union sessions and organized street demonstrations. Labour Unions throughout Pakistan organize seminars, rallies and parades where union leaders deliver speeches emphasizing the history of Labor Day and its importance. Workers and unions arrange street processions, and this portrays solidarity with workers around the world. All government and non-government organizations, factories and educational institutions remain closed. Laborers may willingly work on Labor Day, with or without payment of higher than normal wages. Public transport may be less frequent on certain routes. Those wishing to travel in Pakistan via public transport during Labor Day should check with the local transport authorities before travelling.

All of this is good but the labour in Pakistan has not seen much improvement in their lot as the cunning industrialists and owners of businesses have found a way around all laws made to make a labourers life easy. The cult (private business owners) have worked hard to deprive the simple masses of their rights. Most of our labour is illiterate and has no idea of the rights they have and thus they can be easily manipulated by the owners. Let’s hope that there will be a ‘Labour Day’ when our labour comes out on the streets to cheer the owners rather than cursing them as they do now.


Lahore, April 30.