LAHORE - Atif Pervaiz  - Journalism is the fourth pillar of state, the Nation Editor-in-chief reiterated on World Press Freedom Day Saturday. The veteran journalist laid stress on responsible journalism.

“Like Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif reposed his faith in freedom of the press, acknowledging the significance of journalism. However, the code of conduct is a must,” he said.  He said that the code was compiled as he became the president of CPNE and APNS. The attack on TV anchor Hamid Mir increased the importance of freedom of expression, he added.

Lahore Press Club President Arshad Ansari reiterated his resolve to continue with fight for the betterment of journalists. 

He stressed the need for doing more for the betterment of journalists in the country, saying that media worker have been facing forced terminations, nominal honorarium and lack of allowances while some organisations have not been paying salaries on time.

Calling for meaningful action to increase support and protection for the freedom and rights of journalists and media workers, the IFJ pointed to the plight of journalists in South Asia.  Saying South Asian journalists need protection, the Federation called upon the states to ensure safety of journalists working in conflict zones.