ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), which was established with a purpose to facilitate federations and provide maximum facilities to the athletes, completely failed to live up to that reputation due to internal politics and rift between the two Director Generals.
In the latest episode, government has taken strong notice of the PSB 's self-styled policies and income tax department has issued a notice to the PSB , as why action was not taken against them for creating unwanted and uncalled hurdles in releasing funds to the affiliated federations. Despite government making available funds in July last year, the PSB top brass failed to issue annual grants to the affiliated federations till the end of March this year.
The inside sources in income tax department on the condition of anonymity have confirmed to this scribe that on the strict notice taken by the federal government and Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) secretary Ejaz Chaudhry, a show cause notice has been issued to the PSB in which it was asked on what grounds the PSB failed to release annual grants to the affiliated units and why action was not taken against them.
The sources further confirmed: “We are waiting for the PSB reply. The PSB top management has made it a habit of not releasing annual grants to the federations in time and also didn’t release grants for the past several years.
The infighting between two PSB Director Generals resulted in sheer suffering to the federations, who faced lot of hazards in sending contingents abroad for international meets and conducting camps or local events, it was in fact athletes who have been suffering due to this negligence of the PSB .”
The further added: “In the show cause notice, it was why eight-month delay was witnessed in the release of grants . Last time Rs 100 million were wasted, as the PSB failed to issue third and fourth quarter grants besides special grants and the funds were misused in the name of so-called National Games conducted in Islamabad May last year. Due to incompetent and malafide intentions of the concerned persons, the federations and athletes have been suffering since long.”