In Karachi a single mom is making lakhs on a stay at home job. Harata Saleem Rana has three children and had been struggling financially over the past years. Harata had never dreamt of earning via internet. As the stagnation of the economy increased Harata had trouble finding a decent job; but when she discovered online earning she made USD$ 30,000 a month!

She filled a form, bought a kit under $5 and started earning like a pro. Within months she started to earn USD $7,000 –USD $8,000 a month. According to Harata she was not a computer prodigy; she just knew how to use the internet and in months she uplifted her financial situation and is now quite stable. Stay at home jobs are relatively much easier; you can spend more time with your family and there is hardly any hassle from boss or colleagues. This story of an earning mom is an inspiration for many introverts or house wives who want a financially better life.


Karachi, April 21.