For last 4 to 5 years, the trend of TV shows regarding crime investigation is at its peak. Almost every news channel airing one show on this topic. These shows reveal every step of crime, including the process. This is a great threat to public in general because this is not only increasing crime rate but also creating negativity in society. Recently, I observed that channels are airing shows in which one family member kills the whole family. Like the son who killed five family members in Mandi Bahaudin. the program showed how he killed them all by giving them poisonous food and then cut their throats. I could not understand what TV channels want by showing all this? Ratings? Or the promotion of crimes> Dramatising complete crime scenes is never justified in any ethical society and the main reason behind this unethical approach of our media is a lack of proper journalistic education and training.

After watching such shows, people are getting scared of even their own families. This is causing distrust in natural relations. Instead of airing shows to promote our culture of respecting relations, channels are promoting hatred and anxiety. Just imagine, sisters will stop trusting brothers and fathers will never trust sons to protect their family. This is what our electronic media wants in our society? I request our media organisations and regulatory bodies devise a policy regarding categories of content that can be aired and censored.


Islamabad, April 21.