This refers to the victory of the Bangladesh cricket team in the one day cricket series . On behalf of Pakistani nation I congratulate the Bangladesh cricket team in particular and the whole nation of Bangladesh in general on this great achievement, our good wishes and sincere prayers are with you, may you achieve successes and good name in all fields of life. Your achievements are our achievements, your deeds and feasts are ours also. We in Pakistan, while your team was struggling were parying for your cricket team success as your success is ours. Few decades back we were brothers in arms, same country and same nation. We struggled together for independence, a son of Bengal presented the famous Pakistan Resolution, demanding for an independent home land for the Muslims of India. The All India Muslim League was founded in now your capital city, the people of Bengal along with other minority providences scarified the most to attain the goal of Independence. Not only this but after independence the people of Bangladesh left no stone unturned to prove their loyalty to the “Land of pure”. In the presidential elections of 1964, it was East Pakistan from where Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah got the majority votes, other being the city of Karachi from the western wing. During the war of 1965, one of your sons M M Alam created history, but how unfortunate is it that the people of the Eastern Wing of Pakistan were never given a status of first class citizens. You were never allowed to rule, though in a very clear majority. The government of the first prime minister from Eastern Wing was dismissed by the governor general from thevWestern Wing, and this unconstitutional and illegal act was provided a legal cover by the Chief Justice of the federal court Justice Muneer again from the Western Wing. Islamabad “The beautiful” was build using the revenue generated from the export of jute, where as thousands and thousands Bengali brothers were dying of worst poverty , hunger, disease and floods. My brothers of Suhna Bengal were labeled traitors and agents of foreign powers, and were called uncivilized people.

Dear Brothers of Bangladesh, by achieving this victory in cricket you have shown to the world in general and to the people of Pakistan in particular that you are people of dedication and can achieve wonders.

Now is the time that we learn from our past , we realize and accept our mistakes and start treating all the citizens of Pakistan on equal footings, irrespective of cast, creed or religion. Get lesson from same “inferiors”, “traitors” and “enemies” of Pakistan who stand proudly among the nations of the world. A country where no suicide bombings is taking place, where foreign investments are flooding, where institutions are as strong as in any developed country and who are not as corrupt as we the “proud” citizens of the “Land Of Pure”.


LAHORE, April 21.