In the tension gripped area of the Karo Koat base camp in Dadu, fields of a Polish oil and gas exploration firm were besieged by the tribesmen who blocked food, water and other supplies to the firm’s staff and field workers. The help of the Rangers was sought to restore the supplies. The blockade was placed by the tribesmen of the Rind, Rustamani and Malookani tribes, who were led by Sardar Yar Mohammed Rind, a former Federal Minister, Khair Mohammad Malookhani and Arbab Rustmani, respectively. The purpose of the blockade was demanding royalty for the tribes along with jobs and compensation money which, in their opinion, had been misappropriated by the district administration. A former chief minister of Sindh , Liaquat Ali Jatoi also raised his voice in favor of the protesting tribesmen.

It is a matter of concern that the tribesmen were led by Sardars who have been holding vitally important positions in the government and are supposed to be well versed with the law of land. Was it the political mileage which forced the sardars to lead the tribesmen or sheer negligence of those who are responsible to effectively apply the law in such cases? There is no doubt that the laws are very clear in such cases however there is every likelihood that these laws have either not been applied or if applied , some ulterior motive must have been there which led to this uncalled for situation. It must be kept in mind that Pakistan is in dire need of energy and mineral resources and the foreign companies play a vital role in locating and exploring such resources. The interest of these companies and the manpower needs to be looked after. It has to be understood by those at the helm of affairs on both sides that the writ of the state has to be enforced as per the provisions of the law and no infringement should be tolerated by the state functionaries in this regard.