Indian-held Kashmir is again witnessing renewed violence across the valley but this time it's not the militants pitted against the security forces. It's the general public which has come onto the streets of Srinagar and other Muslim majority towns. Regardless of recent polls wherein BJP was able to form a shaky government in Kashmir with PDP's support, no one can declare that Kashmir is a dead issue. It's very much there as the ideology to have separation from India in the form of complete freedom or a merger with Pakistan has not died down. If militancy has been brought under relative control, it doesn’t mean that Kashmiris have disassociated themselves from the very dream of exercising their right to decide about their future in accordance with the UN resolutions. Remember violence always breeds violence; and if it is against public street protests, then India can't blame others for its own follies. India has aspirations to play a major role in the region, with its eyes on the permanent membership of UNSC, but back home it's unable to prove that Kashmiris, Nagas, Mizos and other nationalities are secure within Indian Union.

Arrogance, ignorance, violence, and a hard-handed approach to deal with street protests will not help PM Modi to win hearts and minds of Kashmiris; only engagement, dialogue and ability to accommodate difference of opinions will pave way for enduring peace in the valley.

Remember, a stubborn position will frustrate even those who are ready to condemn violence!


Saudi Arab, April 20.