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Humaira Mahar @HumairaMahar

#UKGovtMustArrestAltaf British govt is a hypocrite. They call us terrorists while their own country is a safe Heaven for terrorist #Altaf!!

Yelmaz Mujtaba @YelmazMujtaba

Not an MQM fan, but the UK has laws and won't arrest Altaf for holding an opinion. Sorry twitterati. #UKGovtMustArrestAltaf


Ayesha Ahmed @Ayeshaspeaksnow

Well,the #PakGovernment should of course not arrest #MunawarHassan who called Bin Laden a martyr but the #UKGovtMustArrestAltaf ! The irony.

Nazrana Yousufzai @NazranaYusufzai

So we can have Mushi as new chairman MQM. #UKGovtMustArrestAltaf

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