The explicit Bollywood item songs are influencing our society immorally. Indian media industry is introducing so as to pollute the young minds by indecent and rather foul lyrics, ladies stripping on-screen and demonstrating their bodies by sensual dance moves. The youngsters without parents’ supervision watch these item numbers and begin thinking the way lyrics suggest. To my dismay, the youth, particularly young ladies, are later seen dancing on these songs on reality shows yet nobody tries to guide them ethically. What is scarier is that this culture has established in our own country; people here are likewise amped up for Bollywood songs and their beguiling (read: repulsive) performers. We have been staying aware of the inappropriate content rather discreetly however the time has come to raise a voice against this vulgarity. In any case, Bollywood is not any less liable than any of us watching and promoting the songs. 

RUMSHA SULTAN KHAN,  Karachi, March 28.