“How could you even hope to identify the hotbeds of extremism, growing like malignancies in these vulnerable valleys, when they took such care to hide behind high walls?”

–Greg Mortenson, Three Cups of Tea – 2006

Amidst the ‘snow covered’colossus of mountains in Pakistan, you will find the beautiful Nagar valley. The British had once ruled over the valley after at a battle at Nilt Nagar (Jangir-e-Laye) in 1891 against the princely states of Hunza and Nagar. The fort at Nilt was stormed and the valleys of Hunza and Nagar were occupied. While the chief of Nagar was allowed to maintain his position due to his submission to the British raj, the chief of Hunza was replaced by his half-brother. However, in 1974, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto dissolved these Princely States and formed the Northern Areas Legislative Council to give a democratic representation to the Northern Areas Council. To this day, the Nagar Valley attracts tourists and provides an enchanting view of the famous surrounding mountain peaks of Rakaposhi, Diran and Spantik peak (Golden peak.) It is situated at the front of Hunza. The most striking attraction of Nagar valley is the Mina Pin glacier, located at an almost 4 hour drive from Gilgit, connecting Diran and RakaPoshi. The trek is short and easy, known as Taghaphari and it takes almost 7 hours, non-stop, from Mina Pin to RakaPoshi basecamp. On your way, you would find fixed camping sites and if you want to stay, you can spend the night at Diran after crossing the beautiful Katachelly glacier. For an adventurist, you could ski just around Diran valley but at your own risk or enjoy the stunning view of Hunza and Ultar peak from the base camp, as astounding as your first love. Although not encouraged, but you could use donkeys to carry your load uphill to the RakaPoshi basecamp, while porters could be used for Diran.