From the time of independence there is a tremendous change in Pakistan’s foreign policy. Because of the fact, that Pakistan government never set the goal appropriately. On the 70th year of freedom we are still trying to detect our friends in queue of enemies. Military relationships always played the back bone role in determining the route for foreign policy. The Russian support to India played major role in bringing Pakistan close to U.S.A. But after that India realizes that the America is now the ruler of international affairs and America thinks that the only “Muslim nuclear power” must not be given free hand, brings India and America close enough. 

The friend of enemy is considered enemy, this was so true when we see Russia as a friend of India. But now, Russia makes it quick to determine new friend who has more geological and international role play importance which is Pakistan. And this time Pakistan makes no mistake in shaking hand with Russia. So not only the foreign routes of Pakistan politics but also the foreign affairs of many countries are now on their new destinations. Russian seriousness comes in front of all when Russia makes the preliminary agreement of helicopter deal of giving Pakistan 4 Mi-35M attack helicopters at the price of 153 million US dollars. This was latterly finalized during then-Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif visit to Russia in June 2015. Some reports say that Pakistan is intended to procure 20 Mi-35Ms in coming few years. This deal was made in a time when America was refusing Pakistan in giving fighting jets and attacking helicopters which doubles its importance. 

The friendship among Pakistan and Russia is not limited to military cooperation but has its roots in deep inside. Pakistan and Russia also signed inter-governmental agreement of 1100 kilometer pipeline with a capacity of 12.4 billion cubic meter annum, which connects Lahore LNG terminals with Karachi. Russia is going to invest $2 billion in this project. 

Signs say that this is just the beginning and these countries are setting their goals to going in a relationship of standing side by side on the platform of international politics. 

This looks incomplete without the discussion of starting, in 1947 when partition made, the world divided into two poles. At that time there was two blocks, US block and Russian block. Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan got invitations from both ends. Due to pro-American policy inherited from Jinnah Liaqat Ali Khan preferred to visit United States first. On October 5, 1947 Liaqat Ali Khan requested a loan of around two billion dollars on 5 year return policy. This becomes the starting point of Pakistan and USA friendship. 

But after around seven decades of this friendship Pakistan foreign ministry is now more interested in building relation with Russia and it seems that Russia is warmly welcoming Pakistan. 


Lahore, May 3.