The reports about investigation conducted and confession by Uzair Baluch of his alleged links with Indian and other intelligence agencies are very disturbing. It simultaneously raises questions about our State’s own ability to monitor such activities and failure to regulate and control movement of prohibitive ammunition, funding and aliens across our borders, coastal belt and airports. 

Nobody is more important than security and collective national interest, especially when it comes to India, whose leaders have openly declared their enmity and ulterior motives to harm this country. In the light of revelations made by several JITs and confessions by MQM London leadership and their repeated anti-Pakistan rhetoric it is time to set our own house in order. It was during tenure of Musharraf when Altaf Hussain went to India in 2004 and indulged in verbal haemorrhoids, terming creation of Pakistan biggest error, yet the military dictator had no second thoughts in choosing this party as his coalition partner. 

How can we expect citizens to come forward and give testimony against Uzair Baluch after such somersaults? Every government has been involved in unpardonable criminal compromise of our national security for short term political gains. How many of our ambassadors, top bureaucrats, political public holders continue to hold dual nationalities and are privy to sensitive information, although they have pledged their loyalties to another country and taken an oath to perform any non-combatant duties if asked to do so by their newly adopted nation? 


Lahore, April 13.