As general election approach, flight of political migratory birds has commenced for greener pastures. The motivating objectives of those for whom politics was a platform, where individuals driven by loyalty to their motherland, served country and people, in return for honor and satisfying their conscience did not occur overnight. This change was deliberately impeded after Quaid’s death by those who held paid public offices in nexus with political remnants like Unionists of Punjab.

The transition from loyal subjects of Raj to citizens of a sovereign country pledging undivided loyalty to it, required a committed leadership. British Raj used state lands and titles for almost 200 years to buy loyalties of natives. Withdrawal from this addiction for loot and plunder required confiscating all such landholdings to ensure effective transition as sovereign independent state, instead of continuing malpractice. Unfortunately, Quaid died before this process could even initiate.

Starting from Ayub’s EBDO barring politicians from participating in polls to Zia’s party-less polls, or general elections of 2007 and 2013, these political fortune hunters have been changing political loyalties, like migratory birds of Siberia. For some it is a genetic disorder, handed from father to son. The only constant factor is statements they make to justify their deeds.

Just like millions of migratory birds which fly every year to escape extreme Siberian winter in search of moderate weather in Indo-Pak subcontinent, these political opportunists, smelling change in fortunes, are busy migrating to favored political parties.

Politics has become springboard to indulge in abuse of power and join ranks of Rags to Riches Phenomenon or an opportunity to whiten black money through amnesty schemes, with assets located in their former Colonial Masters’ country by dual nationals.


Lahore, April 3.