MULTAN - Former prime minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that PPP always raised voice for South Punjab province and now it will create the new province.

Addressing a news conference along with senior party leaders here at Multan Press Club on Thursday, he added that those who are working under the banner of Janobi Punjab Sooba Mahaaz were in fact furthering the mission of PPP.

He said that the PPP signed Charter of Democracy due to certain conditions and the situation would have been different if the PML-N had acted upon the CoD and not disrespected the parliament.

He said that the PPP never criticised institutions rather it always tried to resolve issues on the forum of parliament. He said that the Panama case too should have been resolved in the parliament. He said that the PPP had suggested to the PML-N to develop consensus on different issues through legislation in the parliament. “We also asked the parliament to chalk out its own line of action on Article 62 and 63 but the PML-N rejected our stance,” he claimed. He said that if anyone criticised some one else in public meetings, it was their party policy.

He said that the PPP strived hard for strengthening democracy and restored constitution in its original 1973 form by carrying out 104 amendments.

He declared that Bilawal Bhutto would address a public meeting in Layyah on May 10 and a meeting was held in Multan in this connection. He said that the PPP was striving for retrieving the rights of Saraikis since Bhutto’s era. He added that a lot of work was done during Benazir Bhutto’s regime while during his own term as prime minister, a bill for a separate province was adopted by the parliament with two thirds majority. He said that Bilawal’s Layyah public meeting was a routine activity after completion of re-organisation of PPP. He declared that Bilawal would also address more public meetings in other towns.

He said that despite having strong reservations on census in Karachi, the PPP did not express them so that elections could be held on time. To a query, he said that the new delimitations were just done and he would soon disclose the constituency he was going to contest election from. He warned that the Election Commission would make the final decision if the government and opposition failed to make caretaker government. He alleged that pre-poll rigging was done in 2013 election and an elected prime minister was sent home for not writing a mere letter. “And now another prime minister is disqualified on corruption allegations,” he added. He said that the president was prohibited from using his party office but despite all odds PPP won more seats than PTI.