This refers to the tragic road accident in Mastung in which a wagon collided head-on with a truck coming from opposite direction and resulted in loss of the precious lives of eleven members of a family on Tuesday.

This is a very tragic incident and the occurrence of such accidents is almost a routine in our country. Such accidents mostly occur due to sheer negligence and recklessness of the drivers, over speeding, tire bursts, dilapidated condition of roads as well as many other factors.

Poor driving license issuance mechanisms, the lack of proper driving courses, rigorous driving tests, regular annual physical and mental tests.

The dearth of traffic police force as compared to the rapidly increasing traffic flows on roads, resulting in poor enforcement of traffic rules as well as lenient attitude towards the violations of traffic rules.

Non-availability of proper traffic signs, signals and awareness creating boards on traffic rules, lack of regular checking of vehicles conditions and CNG kits in particular.

The lack of qualified and properly trained mechanics, booming old tires business as well as the dilapidated condition of roads especially some main highways and poor geometrics of roads and highways.

Plying of tractor trollies on main roads and no proper education requirements for drivers especially for HTV vehicles drivers.

In addition to these factors, unfortunately there is no proper accident investigation culture in place to take corrective measures in the light of lessons learned from such fatal incidents.

Another unfortunate factor is that once such fatal accidents occur and precious lives are lost, in most of the cases, the Jirga system intervenes and the drivers responsible for such fatal accidents are pardoned.. As such, since the drivers do not get exemplary punishment for their blunders, the trend of such accidents continues to rise further, regularly resulting in the loss of precious lives.

In order to control the frequency of such fatal accidents and the loss of precious human lives, the government and all concerned departments are required to put their heads together, thoroughly investigate the causes of such accidents, come with a comprehensive strategy to control such accidents and save precious human lives.


Nowshera, April 18.