I want to highlight an important trend, which is gaining ground in world politics. “Hatred” is a unifying factor, and politicians are exploiting it as an instrument to materialize their dangerous political objectives throughout the world. Hate politics has become a norm in the global arena.

Netanyahu’s victory in Israel attested this assertion. He elected for the record fifth term by using anti-Muslim and anti-Palestine rhetoric. He envisaged “Greater Israel” for his people at the expense of Palestinians.

Modi is another hate-monger who is destabilizing the peace and stability in South Asia. He is igniting right-wing sentiments in India against the Muslims, Kashmir, and Pakistan to achieve his unholy political ends in the election. He vows to strip Kashmir’s special status enshrined in Article 370 of Indian constitution. His past five years attest his claims.

In Britain, the Conservative party associated all the miseries of the common person to the European Union (EU) membership. Anti-EU campaign and Brexit promise, which has now become a hard pill to swallow for Britain, brought the Conservative party to power. This created hatred in natives for the immigrants.

Trump won the election by his anti-immigrants, isolationist, nationalist and protectionist campaign. He is threatening the global order just for gaining some political mileage. This resulted in the strategic and economic escalation among the major powers.

Imran Khan, who has shown diplomacy in the Pulwama crisis, used anti-Modi slogans during his election campaign. He dubbed Nawaz Sharif “Modi ka year” as a winning tactic. Although this tool yields a minimal output in Pakistan as compared to India, yet politicians want electoral victory by any means.

Hate politics enables politicians to get away with their failure in the actual job of public welfare and human development. They cunningly put all major issues on the back burner. This has become the shortest route for the maximum electoral votes.

This culture of hatred in politics throughout the world is leading towards a horrible quagmire. Though it has become a winning formula for the politicians with stakes, yet it has widened the gulf among classes, societies, regions, religions, and countries. This culture can radicalize peaceful societies and can have disastrous ramifications for future generations. It must stop now!


Bhakkar, April 17.