ISLAMABAD                  -              A Chinese diplomat said yesterday

that remarkable results were achieved by China in combating COVID-19, and meanwhile close attention

was being paid to the epidemic situation in Pakistan.

Long Dingbin, the Chinese Consul General in Lahore,

said he strongly believes that they are bound to win the battle against the epidemic through the concerted

efforts by the governments and people of China

and Pakistan.“Ever since the outbreak, the Chinese government has been adhering to the principle of early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early diagnosis and treatment, treating the infected in dedicated facilities

by senior medical professionals from all over the country and with all necessary resources,” he said in a write-up published by Gwadar Pro yesterday.He explained that so far there has not been a single

confirmed case in Pakistan imported from China,

which exactly proves the Chinese government has been putting relentless efforts into containing the epidemic.

  The China-Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperative

partnership has become a model for countries

of different sizes or systems getting along with one another, he said.Joining hands in fighting COVID-19 once again embodies

profound bilateral friendship as the two countries

always help and support each other.The Chinese government and people will never forget

it is Pakistani government who has mobilized medical supplies nationwide to help China out at the critical time in fighting COVID-19. Ever since the outbreak in Pakistan, Chinese government

has attached great importance to the epidemic

situation of Pakistan and is going all out to support Pakistan in combating COVID-19. China urgently managed to collect several batches of test kits and medical supplies to support Pakistan, and sent a medical expert team to Pakistan to introduce

experience in epidemic prevention and control as well as treatment. “China will also continue to stand firm together with