PESHAWAR          -            Advisor on Information and Public Relations

Ajmal  Wazir has stated that the Khyber

Pakhtunkhwa government has prepared

a  revised policy for corona virus testing. He informed that initially, the  testing will be increased to 2000 per day which will be later enhanced  to 5,000 and then 10,000 tests per day.   While talking to media here yesterday, Ajmal Wazir informed that the  government

has given priority to testing of health staffers as they are fighting on the frontline.

He said that if a  Covid-19 patient had five members in his/her family, all would be tested, however, if the number was higher than five, the members at higher

risk should be  prioritized for testing adding close relatives of the patient will also  be tested.According to Ajmal Wazir, passengers who arrive from other countries  should be tested within 48 hours adding armed forces, those in contact  with patients including

bank employees, shopkeepers and others are also  part of the policy. The advisor informed that a total of 19543 Covid-19  tests were carried out by April adding the testing began from 20 tests per day  but later it was increased to 1000 per day. While talking about the corona updates, Wazir informed that with 108 new cases during the last 24 hours, the total number of cases  has reached 2907 where a total of 172 people have lost their lives with  11 during last 24 hours. He informed that with 38 persons who recovered  during the last 24 hours, 728 persons have recovered from the viral infection.

On the World Press Freedom Day, Ajmal Khan Wazir said that the KP government believes in freedom of the press.The advisor  lauded untiring efforts of media persons who are playing a vital 

role in sensitizing the general public on Covid-19 adding with their  untiring effort,

many media persons also contracted the virus.He also  talked about reduction in petroleum

prices and said that it will benefit the general  public adding that the provincial

transport authority has already announced 

reduction in fares aimed at providing

relief to the general public.He also  informed that all the provincial government machinery led by Chief  Minister

Mahmood khan was involved in order

to defeat Corona virus  adding that religious

scholars stood by the government. He informed that  the government has provided all facilities to those at the