Lou Jee is a crusade led by a group of students from the Lahore School of Economics. The motto associated with the 'Lou Jee' tag is 'Begaani Shaadi mai Zamana Dewaana.' Every year, LSE assigns a project to its third year BBA marketing and media students to come up with an idea to create awareness for good and educate the society on important aspects. This year, the students of section L came up with a topic that is significant, unique and above all a point that is very underestimated and typically overlooked.

To begin, the campaign was given the name ‘Lou Jee’ in order to give birth to curiosity in the viewer’s mind so they would actually want to explore what the topic is really about. The campaign revolves around accentuating all the consequences that come with huge spending on a few days wedding and aims to educate people to use their life-earned assets in places where it is genuinely necessary. In Pakistan, the largest event in a family is none but a wedding. The concept of a ‘big-fat wedding’ in our society has been inflated over these past years, making families spend millions on a single wedding on average. Parents would start saving for their daughter’s dowry and trousseau as soon as she steps into this world, deprioritizing all other important elements such as her education.

Maryam Nawaz tweeted: 

A Pakistani wedding usually consists of around 500+ guests on average, out of which only 40-50% are known to the bride and groom. Besides this, the quality and quantity of food is pretty much stressed upon. One of the reasons of this issue is the long-held taboo ‘Loug kya kahengay?’ The tagline ‘Begaani Shaadi mai Zamana Dewaana’ highlights the social pressure due to which families spend exorbitant amounts of money on a single wedding in order to maintain their space and respect in the society. Most of the guests that are a part of the wedding end up leaving the event with their personal judgement and comparison. The idea of wedding has lead people to face complexities, where the upper class spends immense amount of money to show power, the middle class spends to adjust themselves with the upper class and unfortunately the lower class suffers.

The goal of ‘Lou Jee,’ according to one of its lead member, Aleena Waqar, is to educate people that wedding extravaganza is certainly not the gateway to be respected and accepted by the society. From the Islamic perspective, a wedding is supposed to be simple and does not require a list of unnecessary events. The social pressure created by our society has lead families to bury themselves under the stone of debt just so they could satisfy the people around them. Lou Jee aims to bring change in the minds of people and make them understand that it is important to invest in your future, than your wedding.

The campaign has received support from various segments of the society and especially the upper class such as members of PML-N, PTI, actors like Bahroz Sabzwari and Moammar Rana, various well known anchors like Mubasher Lucman etc. who seem to understand the issue and want to promote such change. The famous singer Abrar-ul-Haq also mentioned that the campaign has made him regret his own extravagant wedding and wished that he should have done it in a simpler way. The team has also collaborated with the NGO ‘One Nation’ in order to help the poor class in light of the current pandemic.