PESHAWAR              -                The Provincial Disaster Management

Authority (PDMA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management

Authority (NDMA) has provided 64 safety equipments to all concerned departments and district administrations for quarantine

centres and others to counter

the coronavirus in the province.According to details, a total number of 642,000 different types of face masks, 139,000 pairs of gloves, 16600 personal protective equipment, 35000 BGI testing kits, 25000 VTM (MGI), 15000 Sansure Bio-Tech Kits (24 Test), 14500 Sansure REAGNT, 5000 hygiene kits, 51000 surgical caps, 12000 gowns, 23000 shoe covers, 72000 safety suits, goggles 4000, 4700 face shields, 8300 beds with bed-sheets, 900 litre sanitizers, 2000 sterilized gowns, 930 litres chlorine,

120 thermal guns, 4500 bio hazard bags, 150 pedestal fans, 22 spray machines, 20 desert coolers have been sent to district administrations

for quarantine centres, health departments, hospitals and other relevant departments. The DG PDMA added that more safety equipment will also be dispatched

to relevant departments.Meanwhile, World Health Organization

Chief of Mission in Pakistan

Dr. Palitha Mahipala visited the PDMA office. The Director General PDMA gave a detailed briefing to him about the activities of PDMA KP.He said that the provincial govt is providing all possible support and facilitates to the masses