Pakistan faces serious financial crunch with total debt exceeding gross revenues, inclusive of exports and tax collection. The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed our incapability to handle this crisis, with an inadequate health system and civic structure lacking funds and minimum emergency equipment to handle even a milder disaster, what to talk of a pandemic.

We, the people, the state and all other institutions, must understand that Pakistan is the only country we can call home. For far too long most of us have failed to give back to Pakistan what we owe it. If anybody has any doubt, just look at the humiliation Indian Muslims have to endure.

It is time. Those who have been beneficiaries of state largesse must be seen cutting their expenditures and the priority should shift to the welfare of people. The private business billionaires, land developers, including state-institution owned commercial ventures and foundations, must be seen to take a cut and pay all taxes due to them, so that sufficient funds are available to ensure that Jinnah’s vision of a modern democratic welfare state becomes a reality.