ISLAMABAD                -            President Dr  Arif Alvi will represent

Pakistan at the virtual Summit

of the Non-Aligned Movement being held today (May 4).The Special Online Summit of the Heads of State and Government

of NAM member states has been convened at the initiative of the President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, in his capacity as current

Chair of the Movement, said a foreign ministry statement.The Summit will conclude with a political declaration of the movement

“Uniting Against COVID-19” as well as identified measures for enhanced coordination among NAM member states in their common

fight against COVID-19.President Aliyev’s efforts aim at bringing the Movement, at the highest decision-making level, for assessing the impact of the Covid-

19 pandemic on Member States and identifying needs and steps for possible remedies and follow-

up measures.The Non-Aligned Movement represents the biggest grouping of countries outside the United Nations,

comprising 120 developing countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America. A number of Heads of State and Government will participate

in the virtual Summit.Pakistan is an active member of the Movement and has contributed

and shaped the Movement’s position

on a range of political, legal,