LAHORE  - Lub Gas and Mehran LPG gas companies have reduced their LPG prices by Rs 20 to Rs.30 per 11.8kg cylinder from Monday to stabilise retail prices at a maximum of Rs.71 per kg. "This is the third price reduction by the companies in 11 days and has been made possible because of the reduction by LPG producer prices, said Fasih Ahmed, speaking on behalf of the companies here on Monday. "We expect all other LPG distributors and retailers to pass this reduction on to the end-consumer' he said, adding that LPG retail prices should not exceed Rs.71 per kg anywhere in the country. Lub Gas and Mehran LPG, representing the largest LPG marketing setup, have reduced their prices from Rs.820 per 11.8kg cylinder to Rs. 790 per 11.8kg cylinder in Hyderabad; from Rs 800 to Rs. 775 across the Punjab; from Rs 795 to Rs.770 in Dakhni; from Rs.800 to Rs.780 across the NWFP, Northern Areas and Kashmir; and from Rs. 800 to Rs.780 in Karachi. Since October 21, 2008, Lub Gas and Mehran LPG have reduced their prices by Rs.65 per 11.8kg cylinder at Karachi and Dakhni; by Rs 60 in NWFP, Northern Areas and Kashmir, by Rs.55 in the Punjab; and by 50 in Hyderabad.