KARACHI - JCR-VIS credit rating company has assigned performance ranking of 'AM3-' to Noman Abid Investment Management Ltd (NAIML). The management quality rating places significant emphasis on the expertise of management as reflected in the performance of asset under management as well as the ability of the operational and technological systems to support the fund management system. The company is currently managing one open end fund 'Reliance Income Fund' which was launch in 2006 and the first income fund introduced by NAIML. The objective of the Fund is to provide smooth and stable returns to the investors on monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The rating is based on the past performance of the fund and the recent steps taken by the management of the company. The rating is also reflective of the plans of the company for launching further open end funds at the end of the current financial year. The rating provides a useful yardstick to existing and potential investors and helps facilitate their investment decision.