I was waiting for what Mr. Syed Ali Gilani, the Chairman All Parties' Hurriyet Conference, had to say on India-Pakistan trade. He has, finally, spoken; "The initiation of trade is a conspiracy to obfuscate the Kashmir problem. Leaving aside the original dispute would render useless all initiatives being taken by two sides". That is very well said. Watching goods being transported across, people greeting each other, waving hands and flags makes one think that may be the 'original dispute' between the two countries was actually the trade not taking place. But that is a mirage, of course. Already, Indian barbarity is at its height in Kashmir. It is getting increasingly worse day by day as the so-called elections called by Delhi are about to be held. Pakistani high officials are actually kissing the hand that has blood of Kashmiris dripping from it. India is also hacking our water supply through its newly constructed Baglihar dam. When will Islamabad realise that we are being shortchanged in this composite dialogue with India? -HASSAN SIDDIQUI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, October 23.