ISLAMABAD- Two books titled 'Fakhar Zaman: Life and Works' and 'Kishwar Naheed: Life and Works' on literary achievements and life of the two noted literary figures are published under the series of 'Makers of Pakistani Literature' of Pakistan. "80 more books have also been published under this series," said a press release issued here on Monday by the Academy of Letters. The author of the book 'Fakhar Zaman: Life and Works' is Dr Amjad Ali Bhatti while Dr Shaheen Mufti has penned the book 'Kishwar Naheed: Life and Works'. While commenting on Fakhar Zaman's writings, Iftikhar Arif said that novels, dramas and poetry of Fakhar are considering a worthy contribution in literatures of Punjabi, Urdu and English lingues. He said that his books like 'Chirian Da Chanmba', 'Wan Da Boota', 'Kansu Waley Di', 'Wangar', 'Satt Gawachay Lok', 'Ek Maray Banday Di Kahani', 'Bandiwan', 'Bewatan' and 'Zar-e-Aab' are rated very high. He informed that the author of 'Fakhar Zaman: Life and Works', Dr Amjad Ali Bhatti is himself a very prominent linguist, researcher and poet.  In the preface of 'Kishwar Naheed: Life and Works', Iftikhar Arif expressed his views about the literary status of Kishwar Naheed. He said that her contribution for the promotion of women rights campaign in Pakistan is very significant. Her literary personality is versatile.