ISLAMABAD - An official Chinese delegation arrived here Monday to carry out Pakistan's economic bailout and energy needs assessment in the follow-up of President Asif Ali Zardari's meeting with his counterpart Hu Jintao in Beijing. According to well-placed sources, during his one-on-one meeting with President Hu Jintao, Zardari had presented a long list of requests upon which the Chinese side was welcoming. "Rather the Chinese, in so many words, have expressed both their potential and willingness even to meet Pakistan's immediate requirements of balance of payment support," the sources added on strict condition of anonymity. When contacted Secretary Finance Dr Waqar Masood Khan told TheNation that a middle management-level delegation was scheduled to arrive that he was unable to confirm for being outside the capital. "Yes they would have meetings with me and other relevant functionaries of the government to ask questions they might have in their minds," he said. According to the Secretary, it was quite understandable that as being the foremost helping hand for Pakistan, Chinese would need to know about the state of the country's economy, the government's plans and alternatives to handle the situation. "We would be able to inform the media about the Chinese questions only after having meetings with them," he added. Earlier, the sources told TheNation that China was ready to provide budgetary as well as balance of payment support in addition to financing ongoing and new project under the time-test bilateral cooperation. China has already committed to assist, both financially and technically, Pakistan to install two nuclear power generation reactors at Chashma wherein one namely C-1 is operational, and C-2 is under construction near completion. At the same time the sources said Chinese were also willing to come up with huge foreign direct investments for Pakistan most in energy and communication sectors. They are also more than eager to extend financial assistance for Pakistan's development sector materialising historic Pak-China Friendship Treaty signed a few years back, the sources added. To start with, China has asked its already present companies in Pakistan to enhance their present investment levels. For instance, Zong (China Mobile Pakistan), and other Chinese investors present here have been asked to accelerate their contributions to the already planned exclusive economic and industrial zone for Chinese investors only. According to the sources, the Chinese companies and the government were looking forward to set up a dedicated Exclusive Economic Zone for the Chinese investors. Moreover Chinese state-owned energy sector giant namely Shinhua Group is also likely to come back for the Thar Coal Project that it had abandoned a few years back due disagreement with the government of Pakistan over the pricing of the coal development and coal based power generation, the sources added. Previously Chinhua Group was to start physical work on Thar Coal project in early 2005.