LAHORE - A marathon meeting-cum-briefing session was held on Monday for the prospective Divisional Commissioners by the administrative secretaries of various departments where the Commissioners were briefed about their responsibilities, tasks and duties after assuming offices. Chief Secretary Punjab Javed Mehmood was also present in the meeting - started at 9.30 am till 3.30 pm - while secretaries were briefing the commissioners about the-things-to-be done by them. The briefing is expected to be continue on Tuesday (today) as well, which will start at 11.30 am. According to details divulged by a source, the Commissioners will be responsible for coordination between the Province and the Districts through the District Coordination Officers for subjects pertaining to the provincial government. Secondly, they will ensure proper implementation of policies of the government. The Commissioners could carry out transfers and postings of all Grade-18 and below officers and officials of the provincial government within the Division, but these should be notified by the Services and General Administration Department. In the same vein, they will be the Reporting Officers on the Personal Evaluation Report of the Director Anti-Corruption Establishment and the District Public Prosecutors, which will be notified by the ACE, Information, Culture and Youth Affairs Department and the Prosecution Department respectively. The Commissioners will be also looking after the inter-district and inter-cum-intra Divisional coordination as well. Besides this, they will oversee and coordinate development activity undertaken by the Districts, and will convene and chair Divisional Development Working Party with powers to approve development projects between Rs 50 million to Rs 100 million. This will be done after the Planning and Development Board has notified. Moreover, they will also promoted Private Sector Development within the Division as well. One of the weakest areas left almost unattended since the inception of the Local Government System is the disaster management, which will now be shared by the Commissioners, as they will be responsible for the relief and disaster management. Another area of concern for the provincial administration are the jails, which did not remain a point of attention for the district administration under the Devolution Plan. Now the Commissioners will also share this responsibility, as they will inspect prisons as well. One of the major responsibilities of the Commissioners will be act as the first appellate authority for all Executive District Officers. However, their Appellate and Revisionary powers are to be notified by the Board of Revenue. The Commissioners will also act as the Co-Chairmen of the medical institutions falling within their respective Divisions, as the health sector is one of the priorities of the government. However, law are yet to be amended for this. Moreover, the Commissioners will also be looking after the affairs of the technical, vocational and higher education sectors. Nonetheless an open-ended permission to act on behalf of the provincial govt is the fact that the commissioners will perform all functions delegated to them by the provincial government from time to time and all other duties assigned by the government.