LAHORE - Lawyers speaking at the General House of the Lahore High Court Bar Monday said their movement aims at ensuring survival of Pakistan, which is at risk owing to the continuation of the Musharraf policies. At the protest meeting of the Bar held to mark the Black-Day, the speakers discarded negotiations offered by Law Minister Farooq H Naek to the lawyers and said, such an offer had no value after the PPP leadership had lost trust by breaking the written promises on the same issue. The meeting, presided over by the Vice President Mian Muhammad Aslam, also resounded with go-Zardari-go slogans as the speakers after ouster of Musharraf focused on him for impeding restoration of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and others. Human Rights activist and senior advocate, Asma Jahanagir said the country was facing serious crisis at the hand those who killed Benazir Bhutto and now sitting in the ranks the rulers. Benazir Bhutto, she said, gave unprecedented and great sacrifices for democracy and rule of law in the country but unfortunately certain people on the ruling side did not like the both hence were fomenting unrest and chaos in the country. The PPP of today, she said, is not that it was under Benazir Bhutto whose killers, she added, are sitting in the ranks of the government. Committing to the continuation of the movement, Asma said, the movement leaders must carry an agenda to let the people know what an independent judiciary is in true sense and what it stands for in this critical hour. Raja Zulqurnain in his address blamed PPP government for toeing the same policies of Musharraf and also showing the same rigidity on the reinstatement of Justice Chaudhry. Previously lawyers chanted go-Musharraf-go slogans and now they would chant go-Zardari-go, he said adding, Zardari has proved himself a 'liar' by relegating on judges restoration hence the rulers were not trustworthy enough to talk to the lawyers on this issue. He said the rulers are following American policies to the extent of risking security of the country. American drone are killing innocent people in our area everyday but the rulers have no courage to raise this issue before the US authorities, Raja said referring to currently visiting US officials. He said the rulers did not want to restore Judges for America did not want so. The fight of independent judiciary, he said, in fact has become a fight for independence of the country. The problems facing the people, are a part of pre-meditated strategy which has been prepared to keep the country slave and the rulers are auxiliary to the same, he said while referring to the current loadshedding and other woes. PML-N MNA Naseer Bhutta, said by virtue of lawyers movement the whole world was supporting the establishment of independent judiciary in Pakistan and stood by the Pakistani lawyers on this cause. He said the persons who betrayed the movement would repent tomorrow and yearn for come back but the time had passed. Lawyers are fighting not for the restoration of the judges but the independence of judiciary wherein lies survival and security of the country. The PML (N), he said, was with the lawyers from day one and remains so till last. Former vice president LHCBA Firdaus Butt in her speech condemned those who betrayed the movement and said, time has proved they were going with the movement only to satisfy their personal benefits which they did after PPP govt came into being. She said the 'army' was protecting General Musharraf against his wrong doings with the institutions and the nation and added, lawyers want Musharraf to be tried for high treason under Article 6 of the Constitution. Allah Buksh Gondal said lawyers' movement forced Musharraf out of power and the rulers would also meet the same fate if they failed to listen to the public voice and understand their aspirations. The movement has created awareness in the masses that an independent judiciary as strictly acting on the Constitution and upholding supremacy of the law, is the only means to solve all problems facing the nation today. As such the lawyers were fighting for survival of the country at serious threat from internal and external difficulties, he said. In his view, the PPP govt has lost an opportunity to rid the country of military rule forever, by restoring the independent judiciary at the head of Justice Chaudhry. Aman Ullah Chogtai said the person who does not honour the promise is not worthy of negotiation. Blaming PPP for protecting Musharraf, he said, lawyers demanded reinstatement of Justice Chaudhry and they would not need any talk with the authorities meet the same. Otherwise the movement would continue till achievement of the objective. Khwaja Mahmood Ahmad and Mian Muhammad Aslam also spoke on the occasion.