LAHORE - Former International Cricket Council President Ehsan Mani said that the ICC has the powers to take action against any board official who reveals the discussion of the executive board. Talking to a news agency, Mani said that Ijaz Butt's reveal all about ICL would land him in trouble. "It is Mr Butt who can tell under which capacity he revealed the ICC meeting talks," he added. "It was due to his statement in public that made the ICC remind everyone not to discuss the meeting's affairs outside of the board room. "It maybe corporate meeting or board's meeting the discussion held in the closed door is a secret and should be kept likewise," he added. "Mr Butt can tell as to why he told the media about the ICC's meeting discussions," he said. He further added that the ICC has made it clear to everyone not to reveal the meeting secret out of the boardroom and it was due to Mr Butt's statement that ICC reiterated its stance of keeping the discussion secret. He further stated that Bangladesh and Sri Lanka has always supported Pakistan board and Mr Butt's statement of these boards is clear that he did not have any knowledge of the past meetings and was not properly briefed or maybe both the board would have remained silent over the Champions Trophy issue during the meeting but such things are not of the nature to be discussed out of the board meetings. On Geoff Lawson, he said that if the board officials wanted to removed him it should have been done in secret instead of making an issue out of it "It has given bad name to the country and its cricket," he added.