KARACHI - The City again suffered with prolonged power outages. Despite the assurance from the KESC CEO in a briefing, the situation has yet to show any improvement. It is to be noted here that the company's CEO had made a claim that loadshedding would be reduced up to two hours daily. But the figure still stands tall at 4 to 6 hours daily. The areas crowded with population have suffered more then the quoted amount of loadshedding which occur on rotational basis. Meanwhile, the company keeps the strategy going of less oil and gas consumption, regardless of the fact that the public is suffering badly due to this situation. "The company wants to keep the production low in order to save its expenditure on oil purchasing and also for the fact that they want to reduce their transmission and distribution losses (TND)," said an expert. "If the company continues its supply whole day long, the losses it faced would be excessive because of outdated and deteriorated transmission system," he added. The new management has pledged that they will reduce the line losses and provide relief to the citizens. Ironically, the way they have devised is very depressing for the general pubic. The management of Abraaj had announced that the 88MWs power project would start functioning from the first week of November. It is yet to be witnessed that how far this power plant help the company to curtail the power outages in the city. "The new management is eyeing for their handsome share in the Thar coal project. They are also interested in the Lakhra power project. They are actually building a scenario to convince the govt for the company's share in these projects. These power outages are all the tactics to convince the govt that there is a huge need of investment in generation sector of the company," said an official of KESC. "The situation is not that worse, at least, they can provide relief to the metropolitan if they continue to work on their full scale power generation. There are issues in this sector but they can be resolved if the management agrees to solve them," he added. It is pertinent to mention here that the previous owners of the company had started a project in late 2007 which was supposed to start its production from this year. Almost 80 per cent work on that project has been completed in March 2008. But the rest of the work remained halted and now the company has come up with an 88MWs project to resolve the power crisis of this mega City. On the other hand, the Korangi power plant, SITE gas turbine power plant and Kannup are working lower then their production capacity. The Bin Qasim power plant is also running on low capacity and is providing the City with 650MWs of electricity. "The 220MWs power project is over a year back. Abraaj has now invested money in that project especially in technical and human resource sectors," said Ayesha Eirabie, director corporate communications. "This 88MWs project is the part of that 220MWs power project," she added.