KARACHI - As the entire world has set its eyes on the results of US Presidential elections being held today, Pakistani intelligentsia and the government are viewing it with respect to the ongoing circumstances related to the war against terrorism. According to almost all opinion polls and surveys, Democratic hopeful Barak Obama is being considered the favourite candidate for the nest American president.  Talking to The Nation on Monday, renowned expert on international relations, Dr Mutahir Ahmed of Karachi University, said that now as it has become crystal clear that Democratic candidate Barak Obama is the favourite contender for American presidency, there is no chance for the Bush administration for any adventurism such as to kill or capture some high-value target including Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, his deputy Aiman Zawhari or Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar. He said that had the Bush administration successful in killing or capturing a high-value target before the election, it would have been beneficial for Republican candidate John McCain. But now it is to late to embark upon such an adventure and it would surely benefit Barack Obama, he added.  Dr Muahir observed that victory of Obama would also affect the matters related to Pakistan as it is the history of Democrats that they traditionally favour democratic forces. Regarding to the differences in policies of Republican and Democrat presidents, he said that the former like to work with the Pakistani establishment while the latter usually support democratic forces and civil society organisations. Dr Muahir recalled that when former Democratic President Bill Clinton visited India in 2000, he refused to come to Pakistan because there was no democratic government here. Later, when he agreed to visit Pakistan for different reasons, he came here only for five hours while he had spent five days in India. He said that victory of Barack Obama would create difficulties for the Pakistani establishment but would prove supportive for civil society, political forces and the judiciary. Dr Mutahir mentioned that Barack Obama, a Howard Graduate, had been teaching constitutional law for twelve years in Chicago University. He has firm belief in democratic norms.   On the impact of Obama's victory on war on terror and attacks on Pakistani territory, Dr Mutahir said that he (Obama) had already vowed to order direct cross-border strikes without consulting Pakistani side provided he get correct information. Mutahir recalled that in 1998, Bill Clinton ordered missile attacks on Afghanistan to kill Osama Bin Laden without consulting the Pakistani government for its space. "Now after more than 10 years, the situation is far more critical as compared to that in 1998. Today, our region has become real theatre in the so-called war on terror therefore Americans have got freehand in making policies related to Pakistan and its neighbouring countries", Dr Mutahir said.  He opined that as the next American President, Barack Obama would prove tough for Pakistani government and situation in the tribal areas would further deteriorate.