ISLAMABAD - The Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman met the High Commissioner of Canada Rudolph Mank here on Monday. Terming Canada as "a special partner of Pakistan", the Federal Information Minister said that the Country's interest in supporting a civilian structure is encouraging for the democratic government of Pakistan. "We are very keen to expand the existing range of cooperation to strengthen long-term relations between the two nations," said Sherry Rehman talking to the media after her meeting with the Canadian High Commissioner. The Federal Information Minister pointed out that Pakistan and Canada share historical ties that have been reinforced by Canada's strong diplomatic presence in the South Asian region. "Canada recognised Pakistan on the very eve of independence in 1947, which reflected its interest in supporting the new country. Canada has been a favoured destination for economic migrants from Pakistan. The South Asians make the second largest pool of immigrants in Canada, and the Pakistani community, which is active in social, commercial and political fields in the country, forms a significant part of the South Asian diaspora." Sherry Rehman said that the two countries' engagement at the multiple levels offers opportunities for cooperation and collaborations that can benefit both the nations. "While Canadian support for the civil society structure has enhanced the capacity of our non-governmental sector, the Government of Pakistan is keen to expand Government-to-Government contact with Canada. Being an experienced democracy that is also recognised for its strong governmental architecture, Canada can assist us by extending its expertise in our institutional development. We believe that the success of democracy is tied to strong institutions. Efforts directed at strengthening government's capability for service delivery will go a long way in making a meaningful contribution to the democratic order of Pakistan." The Federal Minister also discussed the recent Parliamentary Resolution on National Security with the Canadian High Commissioner. "The international community is unanimous in its opinion that a civilian structure is best equipped to deal with national security challenges. Terrorism is an internal threat for Pakistan as much as it is a challenge to world peace. The Parliamentary Resolution is a statement of rejection by Pakistani nation of all forms of terrorism, and there is global appreciation for Pakistan's Parliament's initiative." The Canadian High Commissioner, Rudolph Mank pledged his country's support for Pakistan. He said that a stronger Pakistan is in the interest of the world community, and the global leadership's backing to the civilian government in Pakistan will go a long way in contributing to world peace and progress.