ISLAMABAD " Deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry revealed on Monday that a "troika" was responsible for imposition of emergency in the country on November 3 last year as a result of which more than 40 judges from top judiciary were sent home. The draconian act allowed the former President Pervez Musharraf to refurbish the superior judiciary and place people of his own choice at the top, who suspended the Constitution of Pakistan and usurped the fundamental rights of the masses. When the former top adjudicator of Pakistan was addressing black coats and members of all walks of life at the Pindi District Courts on first anniversary of black November 3, both the style and content of his speech were different from his known style of oration. Not only that Justice Iftikhar categorically charged the former President Musharraf with serious charges of attacking the top judicial office in a number of ways but also came down hard on the kith and kin of the former dictator who came to power in October 1999 by overthrowing the Nawaz Sharif government in a bloodless coup. Formerly, the speeches of Justice Iftikhar had been an articulation and guidance for fair play, uprightness, rule of law and supremacy of Constitution. For the first time, Justice Iftikhar also gave a personal account of the events that started from his landmark decision on Steel Mills Case and culminated on his sacking along with dozens of his brother judges on November 3. "There were three people responsible for imposition of emergency in the country", Justice Iftikhar told his admirers at Pindi Bar during his speech. Though he pointed out two of these "culprits", Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz, during the later part of his speech, yet he did not name the third. A close aide to the former top judge said the third "culprit" was a senior position holder who emerged as a major beneficiary out of the November 3 fiasco last year. This 'accused' of deposition of Justice Iftikhar not only went well with President Musharraf in the aftermath of imposition of emergency, which turned out to be a suicide attack by military dictator, but is also sailing peacefully with the incumbent Zardari regime. During the address, the admirers of Justice Iftikhar were very happy to see him sharing his heart with the nation, which was finally hearing the secrets from horse's mouth.