LAHORE - A group of doctors having medical degrees from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, and Turkmenistan Monday emerged on the scene and forced their colleagues to go on strike despite the settlement of all issues with the government recently. The group has also assumed the leadership of the Young Doctors Association (YDA) forcibly and set more strident conditions for the Punjab government to meet first before they return to their duties. After nominating its office bearers, the group has announced another strike in all the public hospitals of the City. However, other bodies of doctors have distanced themselves from this strike call. This group appeared at the time when the YDA representing hundreds of doctors from all the public hospitals had expressed its satisfaction over the Punjab government's decision to increase doctors' emoluments by 50 per cent. In return the doctors also postponed their protests. The govt also engaged the office bearers of the PMA and the Services Hospital management on the issue of the doctors' arrest simultaneously and reached a settlement. The new group came in picture with their own agenda when the situation in hospitals got normal. Nevertheless, the Punjab government taken by surprise with the activities of this group has decided at the highest level to deal with this group with an iron hand. The PML -N parliamentarians and some government officers informed the Chief Minister Punjab that some two to three dozen doctors were trying to motivate the medics to go on strike in the public hospitals. They also informed the CM that these doctors had degrees from abroad especially Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, and Turkmenistan and were being backed by some influential quarters and some senior professors. On Monday, the members associated with this group created scenes at the Services Hospital when they visited different departments and invited the on-duty doctors for protest. Majority of the on-duty doctors refused to go with them. On refusal the said group misbehaved with the on-duty doctors. On the intervention of the hospital's management, the said group of young doctors dispersed, taking along with them the hospital's vehicles. They later reached the Jinnah Hospital where they again started agitation and asked for the strike there. However, the Jinnah Hospital management challenged these doctors for inciting other doctors. They were later expelled from the hospital through its security staff. The Chief Minister, meanwhile, has issued strict instruction to the Health Department to maintain normalcy in the hospitals at every cost giving them mandate to deal with miscreants strictly. The General Secretary of Young Doctors Association said that the newly emerged group of doctors announced its new office bearers unlawfully and unethically. He said the said group appeared on the scene to create unrest among the medical community and their activities were earning bad name to the noble profession.