It is simply scandalous that while a huge hue and cry is going up in the country about rampant corruption in almost every institution of the state, no one from the ruling elite appears to be moved a bit. Be it Pakistan Steel Mills, Pakistan International Airlines, NICL, Railways. WAPDA, PSO, OGDC or KESC, to name a few, that are being systematically destroyed in a manner, which would make their revival quite impossible. The Supreme Court is looking into cases of corruption that have no parallel in any previous regime. Not only that. The alarmingly high inflation rate, sky-rocketing prices of essential commodities and periodic increase in utility bills are making life further unbearable for even the middle classes. PIA, for instance, has earned the reputation that on boarding its plane, passengers start reciting holy texts praying that the airplane lands safely. Yet, the management has thought it fitting to double its fares for domestic flights. Not only will this make it harder to compete with the other airlines operating on these routes, but PIA's recent performance in no circumstance merits such an increase. Now, a passenger travelling Lahore-Karachi-Lahore will have to pay Rs 27,000 instead of Rs 13,000 previously and for Lahore-Islamabad-Lahore, Rs 17,000 instead of Rs 9,000. Besides this, in other PIA 'success' stories, TV channels on Thursday reported that the internal auditor of the airline had unearthed corruption of Rs 150 million. Meanwhile, NEPRA has announced a hike in the power tariff by Rs 1.77 per unit, without assigning reason. POL prices have been reduced in the world market, but only a nominal relief has been given domestically. Nothing seems to be going right in the state of Denmark. The Federal Statistical Division has issued a report saying that inflation rate between July-Oct 2010 and July-Oct 2011 has been registered at 11.4 percent, that has caused a sharp hike in prices of goods of every day use. The PPP regime that claims to be the peoples government must spare a moment and reflect on their plight. There is every possibility that the masses might feel compelled to launch strong protests, as they did against the menace of loadshedding. It is time to act now to redress the situation rather than wait for such an eventuality to arise.