LAHORE – The PTI, which has twice failed to hold the intra-party polls because of difference of opinion among party cadres over the process, will announce the final date for holding the party elections on Monday (tomorrow).

PTI Chairman Imran Khan, while taking a volley of questions during a press conference about the delay in intra-party polls on Saturday, said that the party’s Election Commissioner Hamid Khan would announce the date for the first phase of party polls on November 5, starting from Islamabad.

Imran demanded on this occasion that a thorough investigation be launched into the Asghar Khan case verdict, employing the FIA in a bid to unmask all the politicians who had received funds from the ISI or remained on the payroll of the secret agencies to grab power.

Imran claimed that the PTI was the first party to take up the challenge of intra-party elections and rejected all reports regarding the postponement of party polls until the upcoming general elections. He maintained that party elections would take place at any cost this year and the delay was solely technical, since the PTI would be using electronic voting system applying mobile phone services.

Giving another reason for the delay in the intra-party polls, he claimed that the party membership was increasing and completing the electoral lists keeping in view the growing membership was a tedious and lengthy task, which also caused delay of the party polls.

The PTI chief said that the intra-party polls would give a new strength to the party for sustaining the pace of its tsunami started last year. Commenting over cancellation of the PTI’s anti-drone protest demonstration in front of the United Nations offices, he maintained that the event was cancelled because of Eidul Azha and the US presidential elections.

Imran, while claiming that the youth of the country was the major strength of the party, said that the PTI would announce its Youth Policy on Sunday (today) at the National Youth Convention being held in the provincial capital. He said that the convention would also help in providing the youth with a platform to show their potential and their struggle for change.

Talking about the turmoil in Balochistan, he remarked that bullet-riddled bodies were being found in the volatile province, while the sitting government had completely failed to implement the writ of law in the province.

Prominent among party leaders present on the occasion were Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, central Spokesman Shafqat Mahmood, Senior Vice President Hamid Khan, Ahsan Rasheed and Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed.